My name is Arianna, I’m 23 years old and I live in Rome. I study at the University Gregorio VII for interpreters and traslators. The most difficult thing to do, I think, is to define ourselves. I have never known how to define myself  with a singular  word.  I can say that I am not a common girl but in the positive way of the word. Often people say that I am too cold in fact my nickname is “snowflake” and I agree with them because a limit of my character is to not to know how to show my feelings. I have my own way to demonstrate and sometimes people don’t understand this. I am a girl with healthy principles perhaps because the life has thought me to acquire them thanks to certain experiences. Even if  I have a strong character I have a sensitive soul and I give importance to small gestures because I consider them necessary to be happy. I consider myself an outgoing and friendly girl, but at the same time I have my shy sides that I show only to the people I trust. I am a direct person and I always say what I think without problems and for this reason, sometimes, I can appear unlikable because we all know that the truth hurts. If  I have a precise idea it is difficult that I  change it because I am sure of what I think. Although I am very rational and I always think about the consequences of my actions sometimes driven by anger or emotions I can be impulsive. I can be very calm and polite but if you don’t respect me I have the capacity to change attitude.

I love travelling and discovering new places, new cultures and new people. Travelling make me feel free. I like fashion. I like reading because is like travelling and everytime you start reading a book at the same time you start an adventure discovering things that you don’t know. Reading makes you feel acculturated and culture makes you feel free. I love animals and nature but above all I love the sea. There is nothing more beautiful than reading a book facing the sea with the sound of the waves.